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Thanks you for visting OvernightStatic.com, the home of Radio XL :: Los Angeles. Launched in 2009, Radio XL features a vibrant mix of Alternative, Electronica, Dance, Trip Hop, Dream Pop, Classic Alternative and New Wave music.

Here you will find the latest news and static, current playlists for RXL shows, scheduling and the LIVE STREAM of Radio XL :: Los Angeles.

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RXL Update :: Last 10 Tracks Page Added

10 Sep 2011Posted by DMXL


We've added a page to overnightstatic.com that posts the last 10 tracks played on Radio XL.. It serves as a quick visual guide as to what's been streaming. It's a small feature but one of many that we'd like to make in the coming weeks and months. These include:

- Developing a pop-up window that will stream the RXL stream from Live365 :: We already have a live stream here on overnightstatic.com where listeners can stream directly and immediately and doesn't require any type of login like the Live365 site. We'd like to make listening even easier by developing a mini-player that will stream RXL.

- Switching the Radio XL stream to our own servers :: We did experiment briefly with running RXL off our own server. We REALLY liked the flexibility and customization it offered. It made live shows much easier as we had complete control over what was streaming and when. The playlist was potentially anything on our hard drives and uploading to Live365 was unnecessary. Our main concern was cost and reliability. Our stream dropped a few times for extended periods. There's still plenty of upside that we'd like to explore further.

If there are any other features that you'd like to see - Please, let us know!!

As always, thank you very much for listening!!

Radio XL launches website....FINALLY!!

24 Jun 2011Posted by DMXL


After two years of streaming on Live365, Radio XL :: Los Angeles has finally launched a website - OVERNIGHTSTATIC.COM. We're thrilled and excited that we finally have our own place where we can share what's happening on Radio XL. We expect this website to constantly evolve and plan to make it more interactive. This is just the beginning.

We are extremely pleased to offer the Live365 stream of Radio XL here at OVERNIGHTSTATIC.COM. Now listeners can stream Radio XL directly from our website without having to sign in to Live365. So tell all your friends and co-workers that are not on Live365 where we are so they can share in listening to Radio XL.

Thank you again and welcome to OVERNIGHTSTATIC.COM!!!